how we work

Before taking on a case, we discuss and investigate the case in detail with the client and a detailed assessment of the legal questions to be solved will be established. 

In connection with legal proceedings, we expressly advise and discuss any related risks and the respective costs are also presented and discussed. 

On the basis of this initial information, a detailed assessment of the facts will be established and used to agree the steps to be taken. 

Together with the client, we will seek the most cost efficient course of action necessary to achieve the agreed objective. 

During the course of the court proceedings, the results of the ongoing negotiations will be regularly discussed, together with estimates of the likely outcome of the process. 

The client will be provided with realistic and professional support and consultation throughout the process. In non-judicial representations, the objectives will be established and during the drafting of the Contract we seek the most efficient form and structure while meeting the specific requirements of the particular case.In this way, information concerning tax issues will be taken into consideration. When representing clients in insolvency cases, we firstly establish a comprehensive and detailed business analysis and thereby propose appropriate economically optimized and professional solutions.


who we work for

Our clients are companies and individuals that we advise and represent in all civil law matters. We also work for foreign companies. 

Our clients will be comprehensively advised concerning both in-court and out-of-court questions. Our lawyers are regularly appointed by the courts as administrators for both large and small insolvencies. 

Our lawyers have acted as liquidators and administrators in many bankruptcy proceedings, including very large ones related to the Konsum; Maculan; J.I. Bacon Ges.m.b.H.; and Lechner & Sohn Verlags & Commissionsbuchhandlung AG bankruptcies etc. 

Our Firm is on behalf of a large number of creditors, currently administrator with the insolvency proceedings for the AMIS Asset Management Investment Services AG and the AMIS Financial Consulting AG companies.

Continuing education is of particular importance for us. 

In addition to regularly reading professional journals and studying relevant literature, our lawyers and associates frequently attend specialist seminars. In particular, our lawyers participate in the AWAK-CERT continued training programme run by the Austrian Lawyers Academy (Anwaltsakademie G.m.b.H.).